Instagram is testing a sticker for charity (and collecting personal data)

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Instagram has in mind to add a new feature to its Stories, giving users the opportunity to donate small or large amounts to charity by directly exploiting the tools within the app for Android and iOS. This, however, is also useful for the platform itself, which could take advantage of this tool to collect very important data on the payment instruments of the users themselves. But let’s go in order.

The novelty seems to be already in test for some particular users, so we could see how its experimental version works. This is a new sticker “donations”, positioned within the Stories like any other button, which allows you to send money to support the fundraising chosen by the user who made the History. At the moment it seems that this tool can work only for some non-profit organizations chosen by Intagram, so it does not concern donations for private users.
The operating principle is very similar to the one proposed by the fundraisers on Facebook, which you will probably have seen on the occasion of your friends’ birthday or special events. Just like on Facebook, even on Instagram you can use the in-app payment by linking a credit card to your account, and this is a very important factor for the privacy of the user.
Many members of the social network, driven by the desire to donate a few euros to charity, will add the number of their credit card information in their account, giving Instagram this important personal data, which could later be used for promotional purposes.