Finally, even on PayPal, exchanging money is free: Free P2P arrives

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A little quietly, in recent weeks PayPal has introduced one of the most important and appreciated news of recent times: the commissions on transactions between individuals have been eliminated. Probably driven by the competition, which had already eliminated any form of payment on the sending of money between individuals, even the American company has revised its policies, introducing the so-called Free P2P (Free People to People).

In fact, until recently, the sending of money to friends and family was free only if the money was taken from the PayPal account or a current account: on the contrary, if the charge was made on the bank or prepaid card, it was a small commission is expected. However, in recent times these commissions had become particularly unpopular (and disadvantageous), even considering that similar services (such as Google Pay and Apple Pay abroad or Satispay in Italy) had already completely free private transactions.